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On our new speech therapy YouTube channel we discuss attention skills through online speech therapy. Below is the transcript and YouTube video. If you find this kind of content help please consider subscribing to our channel. Do you feel like you’re nagging constantly or repeating yourself a thousand times? I understand the feeling, I really do. I want to start by saying that this, little sign here in front of me says you got this, because you got this. I always like to say that that’s the first thing. We have to tell ourselves when we’re encountering a situation with one of our children that may not be listening to what we want them to do, or having trouble with paying attention, is that you can handle this. You got this, that’s the first step. In our coming videos we’re going to be talking about different kinds of attention so that you can learn a little bit more about what attention is, and what kind of difficulties your child may or may not be having. Difficulties with attention and to some extent is typical depending on the age of your child, so we’ll be discussing some of those things as well and ideas on activities that you can do. Okay, so if you’re having trouble with getting your child outside of the house on time because you’re running late to something, or getting them to complete their homework without having to be on top of them, and hounding them too much; then these are videos that you definitely want to follow. Make sure you like, subscribe, and comment below if you have any suggestions on things you’d like to hear about. Subscribe to our online speech therapy YouTube channel to see more videos by online speech therapists.  

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