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Children with ADHD

Kids are known to have increased energy and occasionally be disruptive (life would be boring without them though, wouldn’t [...]

Children with ADHD2021-12-01T11:37:24+00:00

Help! My Child Won’t Follow Directions

Help! My Child Won’t Follow Directions  “Matthew, go bring your shoes, please”… *silence*… “Matthew, did you hear me?”… No [...]

Help! My Child Won’t Follow Directions2021-12-01T11:37:32+00:00

Velopharyngeal Dysfunction in Pediatric Population

Velopharyngeal Dysfunction in Pediatric Population Before talking about velopharyngeal dysfunction, is important to understand what is typical velopharyngeal function: The velopharyngeal [...]

Velopharyngeal Dysfunction in Pediatric Population2021-12-01T11:37:39+00:00

Phonological Processes

What is a Phonological Process? Have you ever heard your child say words like “wain” for “rain”, or “pane” [...]

Phonological Processes2021-12-01T11:42:37+00:00

A Guide for Autism Spectrum Disorder

Receiving an Evaluation If you do find that your child is exhibiting some of these signs, remember that it [...]

A Guide for Autism Spectrum Disorder2021-12-01T11:42:44+00:00

Selective Mutism

What is Selective Mutism?  I met a 4-year-old child at a birthday party and said, “Hi! What’s your name?”; [...]

Selective Mutism2021-12-01T11:42:51+00:00

Zones of Regulation

The Zones of Regulation  Self-regulation is the ability to manage your emotions and behaviors in accordance with the demands [...]

Zones of Regulation2021-12-01T11:42:57+00:00

Central Auditory Processing Disorder

All About Central Auditory Processing Disorder  Have you ever noticed having to repeat instructions to your child? You’ve had [...]

Central Auditory Processing Disorder2021-12-01T11:42:29+00:00

All About Echolalia

All About Echolalia  As children learn to talk and communicate with others, it is common for them to repeat [...]

All About Echolalia2021-12-01T11:42:22+00:00

What is sensory processing disorder?

What is Sensory Processing Disorder?  Introduction  Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) is a disorder characterized by difficulties managing information that comes [...]

What is sensory processing disorder?2021-12-01T11:38:39+00:00
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