Divided Attention Activities

The divided attention skills develop in a child after the age of nine. So ensure that you plan or choose the activities according to their capability. It is challenging for some children to complete multiple or two tasks at a time. But the activities help polish their skills and teach them to focus on two different tasks simultaneously.

Keep in mind that the divided attention activities require a child to complete the two tasks simultaneously. So you need to plan the game according to it.

Here we will share some divided attention activities you can plan with your child and slowly strengthen the skill.

So let’s dive into it.


Play Connected Games

You can play connected games with your child. Plan any four or more games in which your child needs to focus on every game and connect it with the other. For example, the child must select a particular colour from one game and put it next according to its shape. It helps the child focus on both games and work according to them. So it is also a fun activity for your child where they learn divided attention skills and polish their thinking capacity.

Memory Games

Memory games are effective for developing divided attention skills. For example, you have a group of four children, and every child acts as a team. One child is naming a word like an animal name, and the next child needs to take the name of another animal along with the previous person. Moreover, the child will also connect the animals and take down the list. So it is a diversified game that can be on any movie character and child’s interest. But it helps the child to learn about divided attention as every person needs to remember the previous person’s word or character name and then connect with another character. However, you can arrange any kind of memory game by keeping the child’s interest in mind.

Hold conversation while playing game

Whenever a child plays any favourite game, they have complete attention. So it is a great time when you teach your child about divided attention skills. You can hold a conversation with your child while playing games like solving puzzles. When a child is fully busy making a building with a puzzle, you can talk to them about an exciting topic like their favourite cartoon character. It will strengthen the child’s divided attention skills by thinking or focusing on both puzzles and cartoon characters.

Moreover, Simon says it is also a fun activity you can enjoy with your child and polish the divided attention skills. Ensure that you keep your child’s interest in your mind while arranging the activities and also help strengthen the attention skills. Limit the background attention so the child can pay complete attention to two tasks at a time.

We hope this guide will help your child and strengthen the divided attention skills. If you also have some engaging activity ideas, then feel free to share them with us.

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