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Therapy Moms Discuss Potty Training

Therapy Moms Discuss Potty Training Mothers talk a lot about children and want to train them in every matter. The therapist mothers also agree that training is essential for children at a certain age. As a therapy mother or just [...]

Sustained and Focused Attention

Sustained and Focused Attention It is the first type of attention skill that everyone needs to learn. First, it is essential to know that there are four basic types of attention and every kind has a different impact on our [...]

What Does Virtual Speech Therapy Look Like?

What Does Virtual Speech Therapy Look Like? Virtual speech therapy is a great help for parents to polish and strengthen their children's speech or communication skills. Speech therapy is a broad term that includes various terms and activities for improving [...]

What Does Occupational Therapy Online Look Like

What Does Occupational Therapy Online Look Like Occupational therapy is a great help to make children function independently for life goals. The therapist and mom work together, and the only person who gets benefits is the child. So every parent [...]

What Is Occupational Therapy

What Is Occupational Therapy Every person in life needs to be independent to live a healthy life. Right? The children depend on their parents and want their help with little tasks. There is nothing terrible in it, but as the [...]

Benefits Of Teletherapy Online Speech Therapy

Benefits Of Teletherapy Teletherapy plays a significant role in occupational therapy during the pandemic. When the pandemic hits, everyone is worried, and parents need to know that teletherapy helps the child. So it is not impossible to train children with [...]

Divided Attention

Divided Attention Divided attention is the last type of attention skill. It is a problematic but must-have skill for every person. We need to focus on more than one task in our daily life. But then, divided attention means focusing [...]

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