Sustained and Focused Attention Explain By Online Speech Therapist

In our new online speech therapist YouTube channel we discuss attention skills through online speech therapy. Below is the transcript and YouTube video. If you find this kind of content help please consider subscribing to our channel. Okay, the first type of attention that we’re going to talk about is called sustained or focused attention. So this is a the ability to be able to hold your attention for a long period of time. So you need this type of focus and this concentration in order to listen to lectures, or listen to a speaker to learn something, paying attention during conversations and also when you’re giving instructions. So as a child gets a little bit older they’re also expected to read longer books. They’re chapter books and this becomes more challenging for them to be able to sustain their attention during these tasks. If you check out our next video we’re going to be able to talk about some activities and some strategies that you can use to be able to help your child during these times. Subscribe to our online speech therapy YouTube channel to see more videos by online speech therapists.  

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